Sunday, September 16, 2012

First post- Introduction

 Welcome everyone, my nickname is Yuriko and I want to share with you my thoughts about some japanese pop culture stuff. I have been intersted in Japan for eight years but my adventure with japanese games started when I was a child. I decided to write this blog because I noticed a lot of great blogs that helps me gather interesting news and reflect on some anime and game titles. For that reason I make up my mind to try writing one myself.

You may ask, why I don't write in polish since I'm Pole? The first motive is that I want to train my english and the second reason- it's very hard to find any polish readers, there are only few really good polish blogs about anime and a small part of people write on forums. I'm not saying the polish fandom and industry  are small (we have one of the biggest fanclub on MyAnimeList and when I click at random profile one on three peoples are Poles), but compare to english and american one, we participate less. I want to share my thoughts with more people.

As you can see most of the design of the blog is finished and I'm ready to public my other posts. I would be grateful that if you notice some grammar mistakes,  write about it in the comments.

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