Thursday, September 20, 2012

A little more Yuru, a little less Yuri- Yuru Yuri ♪♪ final thoughts.

For me the second season got better gags. Of course there were some weak episodes but good moments preponderated. I was catching up few episodes from previous season a moment before the second and I immediately noticed improvement. For example that moments with Chinatsu’s ponytails which assimilates everything to hairs oblivion., more Mirakurun, more Chinatsu’s drawings that created the most beautiful ending I ever saw with my own eyes:

Nevertheless, the star of this show was Akane- a caring older sister that holds a set of gadgets in the locker which helps her “masturbate” to Akari. Too bad she didn’t have much screen time. Tangential characters appeared more often, especially Sakurako and Himawari, although I would prefer more Chizuru and Chitose.

"Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived seven drafts." "Wait, where is the seventh draft?"

So it definitely was funnier but something was missing. In the first season we had some scraps of plot, here gag after gag. It was lacking yuri… I mean there was a lot of yuri but only in comedy aspects. In the previous series we had hints to Kyouko x Yui when they were sleeping in the same room, all girls went to mixed dates. Here from these more serious themes there was only episode with Sakurako who was jealous that Himawari spends more time with Chinatsu. That drama actually frustrated me because Sakurako is an irritating character.

I laughed many times, girl’s comedy characteristics were still entertaining and although it were more random I must say the second season of Yuru Yuri was better.

Final Grade: 7,5/10

The World Non-Random Only Knows
The basic set for sister shippers.
Unlike the producers I won't discriminate Akari. Here's her picture at the end, she deserves it.

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