Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Decline of humanity in distorting mirror- Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita final thoughts.

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita is one of this untypical comedies, when you need to think a little to start laughing and unlike other titles from this genre without doubt it can be called a satire. If only the series would keep up the level of first four episodes alongside with ninth and tenth it would became one of my favorites. In other
words very good episodes counterbalances with a little more weak episodes.

You will encounter one of most evil villans of all time.

Above all I really appreciated a genius main character, who not only pushed the plot forward but have been included in comic atmosphere. In the beginning Watashi appears to be a kind, smiling girl but after first honest comment of the situation I knew she would be someone more. Besides not only her comments but the way she conducts narration too. Ever in later episodes when we look only at her appearance we got the impression that she is only a nice missy but when we look closer we receive a sneaky girl with outspoken comments and as we learn later very intelligent.

You will catch a glimpse of the manga industy "from the inside".

Above all I liked how Jinrui showed more serious aspects and didn’t change its comic mood (maybe except last two episodes). Somewhere between funny moments we see what happens to humanity and fairies  throughout their activities illustrates how the decline follow. Exactly this bump up characteristic of fairies, who produce in the factory with conviction that they can make few products out of one component, who appreciate quantity over quality. This episode which fairies built civilization that ends as soon as it begins- from drained raw materials and because Watashi allow them to do what they want. Also that moment as they built towns which quickly falls because nobody wanted to take over the role of god. Sad from its content, yet so funny. The fairies were priceless with their wide smiles and they were able to do many things to obtain more sweets (even if they had to sway the space-time and to bring out the time paradogs).

But most of all you will get the opportunity to see these evil  sweet fairies.

I remember when I got in touch with this series the first time. Back there I thought it will be some fairy-tale like anime, maybe even some short stories for youngsters  with a moral, besides when you look at the graphics it seems that way. And that was the first WTF, the second was the chronology of episodes. In some moment I didn’t know what was going on and for me it was one of that comedy elements. Even that seemingly weak episodes had something to communicate if we look closely enough. Every episode needed be to anatomized to catch all meanings, and I would need to watch the series once more to know what was going on. This is a little hard considering it a comedy, where you want to relax but Jinrui wasn’t just a comedy and for that reason even the last dramatic episodes didn’t bother me, because I was convinced to that. Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita was one of the most quaint series. I would recommend it to people who wants something untypical and got tired of romantic comedies.

Final Grade:8,25/10

Most sweet rape face ever.
Some people figured out that to slow the decline of humanity they must reproduce. Watashi didn't get that idea.
What you do with bananas? The answer is- slip on them.
"I wonder which one is more sweet, me or this cake?"
Because you never get enough fairies.

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