Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Athena was a loli - Campione final thoughts.

Sometimes you know that anime is tawdry, the plot is bad, heroines are stereotypical, the author mixed up threads so nothing makes sense but despite of all that you really enjoy this title and you’re looking forward for the next episode. If I would analyze Campione, it wouldn’t encourage anyone to watch it. I really enjoyed it and frankly, I sead “Good old harem anime.” It was long before I had so much fun watching a pure harem anime, were there’s no place for past trauma experiences and heroines’ drama, just good entertainment. Campione exactly showed how a harem should look like- with no random break moments about nothing (where later there’s a sudden drama) but on heroines. Here even when the character was weak or just weren’t your type of character you liked her anyways because every one of them got satisfying screen time, each got a kiss and most importantly- all were equal part of the harem. I don’t count Ena here because she appeared in the end. 

First misson as a Campione- guess Erica's bust size and learn how to put a bra on her.

Good heroines fulfilled their job and completely concealed the plot, which is very weak. It was enough to put a god from mythology, give him a make up story and defeat him in a spectacular way. There weren’t any good unexpected twists and genius scenario but it was easy to reprogram yourself that they weren’t needed. I’m not an expert of mythology but it was strange to watch how the author tried to stuff the history of god with ten phrases in two minutes, where this story didn’t have any order or logic. I understand it’s about imagination but tie up a Greek mythology with Persian and Greek with Japanese possessing some strange connections? It’s not that I’m not used to interpretations of religious sources by Japanese people, they always mix up everything in their own way. Even loli Athena didn’t bother me. However Greek mythology is already very interesting and developed, certainly it can give many ways to demonstrate good ideas with more careful relations.

Goudou is a lucky man. Lolis literally fall from the sky.

The battles were very spectacular but above all long and exciting. Maybe they weren’t so varied when Goudou always ended the duel in the same way but certainly included more than one swing of sword and were more interesting from titles which aspire to ‘anime with good spectacular battles’ (read Oda Nobuna). I was surprised on the quality of duels, especially when it’s more harem anime- here it was very good in graphics and music. Although the visuals were better in important moments, between went out differently.

"I'm gonna be your waifu at the end not Erica, right Goudou? Right?"

The second strong side of Campione were kisses. Why other anime don’t have so good kisses? Every girl from harem should have a buss. Usually when characters drools around I have mixed feelings but here kisses with tongue farther than valiant were very passionate. Even this kiss with Erica in the beach… I was in shock for two days, I don’t know way. Maybe because they decided to show something like this in a tv series. What in more this good old hook with kissing being good for everything. That was a million times, with most dump pretexts but Campione showed mastery in it and I must say I liked it very much.

In this case I’m able to give Campione a very good grade despite on influential flaws. This moment remains me that the final mark should not only rely on advantages and disadvantages but most of all on joy after watching the title.
  • Plot: 5/10
  • Characters: 8/10
  • Graphics: 8/10
  • Music: 8/10
  • Enjoyment: 9/10
  • Final Grade: 7,75/10
"Out of the way Perseus! I' trying to struck Goudou with Cupid's arrow."
"What do you mean you prefer me in loli form, you pedo."

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