Sunday, October 7, 2012

Release your anger - Madoka Magica Flash Games.

Punctured Kyubey is the cutest Kyubey.

When you have someone you really don’t like in anime, you try to release your feelings but destroying the screen isn’t a good idea. However fans’ imagination is infinite, they want you to let go of your emotions just like they wanted back there. For that they created flash games.  

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica fandom is big, fans have crazy imagination and so we have a lot of free flash games to play. Most of all you want release your anger on that cute furry mastermind aka Kyubey. You can shot him, punch him, smash him, make him explode, punch him with mecha fist, or just shoot him. Only a few games tries to understand that poor creature’s point of view- catching girls, signing contracts and collecting energy to safe the universe aren’t easy tasks. 

Change the destiny of mahou shoujo, save the universe. All you need to do is play this flash games. 

We need to go wider.

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