Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall 2012 Popular Shounen Manga Adaptations- Magi and Code: Breaker first impression.

Notice that I didn’t read neither of this manga. Of course I heard of the titles long before the anime previews but I don’t start never ending mangas before they’re finished. Fans were satisfied when their favourite titles were adapted. As long Magi got some flattering options I heard Code: Breaker fans are disgruntled by the anime.


Magi turn out to be an enjoyable fantasy title. I won’t hide that adventure fantasy shounens where characters travel over the world are my favorites, especially when there are some fights which don’t cover the plot and characters. Magi is an loose adaptation of 1000 Arabian Nights. A very loose adaptation with only names and some characteristics form the original story but it’s fine- I don’t expect an adventure shounen to be dark, violent and obscene like this stories.

I really enjoy is the universe. Abundant stands, the architecture and the fact that everything is so colorful. Just a fine, fable like Arabic vibe. I would like to see more slavery thread in here because is interesting. It could include Margiana past, as telling the story from her point of view was a good example of slave treatment.


Code: Breaker

This show is totally opposite of Magi and I don’t mind this kind of shounens if they have some potential for the plot or characters. I've heard fans of the manga thinks this adaptation is very bad, lacking a lot of scenes and dark atmosphere but I will only grade the anime. At this moment I don’t really care how was it in the manga as I’m only judging the anime, and I don’t think of it highly. I really were expecting something more from an adaptation of manga that very well known.

I just don’t see anything that would attract me to this title. I assume it was suppose to be that dark and violent type of shounen but it really don’t feel this way. The main hero Oogami is trying to be a cruel murder, maybe with some psychopath vibe but he is not. The main heroine is trying to be an strong and independent female character but she is only some Mary Sue, declaiming justice statements. This whole anime is trying to be a dark title with murders, gangs and corruption but it doesn’t work in any of that. My only dropped title this season.

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