Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dio Brando – the most badass villain ever?

I always were a fan of evil characters, often cheering on bad guys even when the dark side rarely wins. Most villains are just more interesting than the main characters. What makes a character a good villain? It’s a little complicated but Dio Brando is certainly one of them.

*Notice that I didn’t read Jojo’ Bizarre Adventure manga nor played the games.
*Spoilers till episode 3 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure TV (2012)

I must say Dio didn’t convince me after the first episode. I didn’t understand his motives, why he’s trying to destroy Jojo and his family and I don’t know this till now. The only answer I could come up was ‘Because he’s evil’. Well, it’s not a good motive for me, just shallow. The word’s ‘because he likes to be number one’ don’t fit. It didn’t explain why he’s trying to fuck up Jojo’s everyday and why he kicked his dog for introduction. But it totally convince me now. It’s just acceptable, because Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is this kind of show. It’s pompous. Just like Jojo is completely naïve so as Dio is completely evil. You can say Dio is bad because of his horrible childhood. The anime pointed out the household of Brando and of Joestar and compare them in a good way. The only family Dio had was his father, a drunkard. He hated him so much he even poisoned him. The only person Dio respected was his mother and I was waiting for some more moments to come to know her but she was never introduced.

So the reason ‘he’s evil because he’s evil’ is fine with me even when I don’t like black-or-white type of characters. Villains must have some complicated motives, some humane response in them to be a good character. At least for me. I just adore when a bad guy turns out to be a hero. But Dio is different. He’s a personification of evilness, he’s a character you must hate because he’s an ass, trying to destroy everything and kill everyone, a guy with no positive points. And that hate towards him actually can turn into love for someone who likes evil characters. His motive? I don’t see any motive here, he just want to be number one and destroy everything. But Dio Brando don’t need a motive, because he’s a badass and therefore a great villain.


Dio is a definition of evil and badass, this traces go collectively. First of all he’s strong, beating shit out of everybody and don’t hesitate even for a moment. Secondly, he defies the law of gravity, jumping and staying in mid-air horizontally or walking on the walls. Thirdly- he’s immortal, regenerating his body faster than fire can consume it. Thereafter he is voiced by Takehito Koyasu who has deep and sexy voice and plays his role brilliantly. Moreover I find young Dio very attractive. In his vampire form he’s not that handsome but looks great anyway. As for the rest of the series I only viewed for a moment, Dio appeared in other two parts of manga and the games (I finally know what was all about that road roller joke reference) and I can hardly accept a guy with yellow pants good looking, but what the hell, it’s Dio and it’s Jojo’ Bizarre Adventure so it is awesome. Final argument- WRRRRRYYYYYYYYY, MUDAMUDAMUDA and ZA WOOOORUUUUDOOOOO . Can anyone be more badass than that?

What she sead.

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