Monday, December 24, 2012

12 moments of anime – year 2012.

I thought it will be fun to participate in '12 moments of anime' although I will do it in a different way. I don't have time posting for all 12 days so all moments are just in one post. They aren't long neither. I will be doing a summary for this year titles in upcoming posts.

# 12 Nisemonogatari's toothbrush scene

If you asked me what moment from anime will be marked as most memorable this year, I would say 'the toothbrush scene'. I doubt someone don't know what I am writing now, if so just watch the 8 episode of Nisemonogatari. This very moment created a new fetish that will be remembered for years. Nisemonogatari got a lot of fabulous scenes like that alongside with great Tsukihi opening and of course it's my number one anime this year but I decided to mention the toothbrush scene.

#  11 The end of Shakugan no Shana

I'm not a big fan of Shakugan no Shana, but I must admit- years ago this light novel was most popular alongside Haruhi. The novel ended year ago and the anime finished airing on March 2012. The series lasted ten years. Was Shakugan no Shana Final a good end to the series? I would say yes, but obviously it was not perfect. This anime was one of my first, I learned what tsundere is on Shana example. The end was not a very important moment for me, but I felt like mentioning it.

# 10 Catching up Bleach manga

It took me a while to catch up Bleach manga. An year ago I was over 300 chapters back, I remember I tried catching up to latest charpers like tree times some years ago. It finally happened. After Fullbring arc (which was terrible) I could read latest chapters. I don't know what took me so long, I mean, you can read one chapter in just a one minute, it don't have much content... mostly white background... ok, I cached it up, so it was a achievement.

# 9 The popularity of Sword Art Online

Anime Sword Art Online became popular before it even started, till few episodes aired everyone knew what Sword Art Online is. It had already big group of fans thanks to light novels but anime triggered it's popularity. And what do we have when a title is that popular? A big amount of fans who thinks it's the best anime ever, who blindly defend the title and a big amount oh anti-fans who bashes everything, even if it's a small details... ah, yes, we also have some people who's not in either of this sides, and that would be me. In the beginning I was hyped, not because the title was popular but because Sword Art Online was set in a virtual game, and as a fan of RPGs I knew I would like it. And I liked it, I even considered adding it to my favourites... until Yui appeared... but it was still watchable... until ALO appeared. It was no longer in my favourites but the popularity still lasted and I think it will last a while. I don't remember people paying attention so much in years. Maybe it won't be as much well-known as Death Note, maybe it won't became a cult anime like Cowboy Bebop but it sure was popular.

# 8  Ken Akamatsu ends (?) Negima

Love Hina being my first harem manga and one of my favourites I looked forward to reading rest of Ken Akamatsu's works. Negima was perfect- a harem with some awesome action and magic, Akamatsu's drawings also improved. I put the manga in on-hold list after 200 chapters and this year on March it finally ended, so I can finally finished it. I mean it ended because of some problems with Kondasha and rights about the title and we don't know when Akamatsu will continue or will he even continue. Looking forward to the rest of the story, hope the problems will solve soon, in meantime I will be catching up to last chapter.

# 7 Supercell's new vocalists

This year was really busy for Supercell. In the end of previous year the band chose new vocalists named Chelly and Koeda. I really miss Nagi, she is my favourite singer but after her retire the band started to appear more often in anime industry. Three singes featuring Koeda , three singles singed by Chelly under the name Egoist and collaborations including Tia and ClariS. It's really enjoyable watching your favourite band get more attention. Long live, Supercell!

# 6 Why haven't I watched this ealier?: Finished Toradora

Toradora- what many people thinks- one of the best romance anime ever. Couldn't believed till I watched it. Cried many times, it was a very emotional title, but I wouldn't call it pure drama. I even liked Taiga although I am not fond of this tapes of tsunderes. Ryuuji could be my husband, really. He would cook for me since I don't know how. Liked every character in this show, how the romance theme develop. Now Toradora is in my favourites. Why haven't I watched this earlier?

# 5 The Legend of Korra

Considering I'm a being that live on only on anime, not watching tv, and rarely finishing any movies, I decided to watch an american animation, because I saw that the authors decided to use a strong female as a lead character. I haven't watched the previous Aang series and for now I don't have time for that. The Legend of Korra turned out to be a great alternative from anime and I don't regret watching this show. It was so different than anime, but you could find some small elements in common. It was a great action show, I got emotional about it, I don't even know why. Looking forward to the next season.

# 4 Creating this blog

It's been only four month after creating this blog, and I got over 1100 views. It's a good start and I hope I will continue blogging. Four months ago I got more time for this blog, but considering that I got a job now,  I write less. Maybe when I finish all the notes for summary of this year I will think about registering my blog on Anime Nano or something. If you want to know about the beginning of this blog just read my first introduction post. I will write a bigger note when The Moe Moe Kyun will celebrate it's first birthday. Hope I will last that long.

# 3 Becoming a self-proclaimed KyoAni tard

Lucky Star was one of my first favourite anime and I nicely recall watching it in the beginning of my journey with m&a. K-on series also got into my favourite list recently. This year I watched a few titles from Kyoto Animation studio, including Nichijou which was aired an year ago that also became my favourite. As for this year airing anime we got K-on movie, Hyouka and Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai. I liked them all, even Hyouka which wasn't that good, but I just couldn't resist. And than it got me, 'I'm a KyoAni tard'. I look forward to every anime in the next season from this studio, considering it future favourite or good rated. Heil KyoAni!

# 2 Finishing Katawa Shoujo

For some of you who don't know what Katawa Shojo is- it's a fan made visual novel, about dating girls with disabilities. You can download it for free from the official website. It was released in January 4, at the beginning of this year and as far as I remember I download it on February although I don't remember exactly when I finished it. If someone asked me 'what is the best visual novel ever?' I will always say 'Katawa Shoujo'. Certainly I won't write in details about it in this post, because it wouldn't include all my feelings, but maybe I will write about it someday. I will just write that I spend some very emotional hours playing it.

# 1 Buying PSP

No, not PSVita, just PSP. As a poor human I don't have this much money. Come to think of it I always bought game consoles at last four years after their premiere... I wanted to buy PS3, but  didn't have that much cash... Alright, enough of complaining. As I  bought PSP I finally could call myself a gamer again. For these past years I would name myself a 'former gamer' and maybe some of you can imagine the pain of someone who had spend half of his childhood playing games in this situation. The prices of games on PSP aren't this big but I have a lot of problems finding some interesting, old titles. For the time being I played Little Big Planet, Patapon 3, Silent Hill Orgins, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Metal Gear Portable Ops, Metal Gear AC!D, Valkyria Chronicles 2, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Castelvania: Dracula x Chronicles. From all these I consider Silent Hill Orgins and Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops the most enjoyable ones. Buying PSP also made watching anime more comfortable. When I am tired, I just lay on my bed and watch them. Considering I'm tired most of time after job I mainly watch anime on PSP.


  1. I'm glad you mentioned the toothbrush scene of Nisemonogatari. I almost forgot that one but now that I remembered, it's actually one of the most memorable scene for me this year. Toradora is also one of my favourite rom-com anime of all time, I'm glad to know that you also enjoyed it.

    Btw, I know that it's already quite late but I'd like to congratulate you on starting up this and wish you a Happy New Year. Cheers for 2013. :)

    1. I read a few '12 moments of anime' in other blogs and the toothbrush scene was mentioned quite often. It's a memorable scene to many people.

      Thank you for the comment and wishes. Let 2013 be a good year for us and anime.