Monday, December 31, 2012

An adaptation of light novel that turned into a fanfic- Sword Art Online final thoughts

Warning: Spoilers till the end of anime.
Sword Art Online... an anime which was suppose to be my favourite in the last season. I would rate it 9/10, despite that moments with Yui and happy Kirito and Asuna married couple were rather poor. I could survive that, especially when the last boss was defeated with sudden plot twist, when the game was cleared in seventy something level. And then ALO arrived...

''Damn these advertisements... I'm in the middle of an important speech right now.''

Now, when I look at screens from the first half of series I have a little sentiment. One of this things that many people accused from the beginning turned out to be the best- the episodic part. Kirito collected his harem, the people who he helped were mostly females but each of this stories got something entrancing. Silica was cute, Lizbeth with her confession strong and I cry for Sachi up till now. Yes, Sachi could be the main character here, Sachi the best girl. There were good dramas. Add Kajiura's violin and cring guaranteed. The thing which touched me the most, was that all of these stories  made use of aspects form MMORPG. We got guilds, player killers, pet monsters, weapons crafting, battles one on one in the arena. You could feel quests and RPG vibe from it and fans of this kind of games could find it really enjoyable (at least these people who didn't expect it will be some kind of WOW). An expanded world was good too. You could see it's development in every aspect of life- like the players who in first levels must manage with only dry bread, when clearing next stages they could mix items and prepare a good full meal. The same goes with buying an apartment and marriages. SAO gave them the requirements to live normally. Obviously the main subjects were characters and how they manage to live in a virtual world and after that about fighting and leveling up. Fights with bosses were very good, even epic, you could watch them with open mouth. For that reasons I would rate it 9/10 to episode ten with the fourteen episode. Like I mentioned the drama with Yui was poor, alongside with mama Asuna, papa Kirito and daughter Yui, which was maybe not that bad but very boring.

''Don't touch my waifu! The sandwiches are mine!''

I would like to write a little about Kirito and Asuna, who were very good characters for me. Kirito, a nolife, who spends his free time playing MMO. It could be one of these irritating characters, a sluggard, or a wanker like some people say, cause a nolife characters are like this. Kirito however is resourceful, he's not too emo, not too clumsy, not too perfect. He can be sensitive in accepted level and maybe later he is the best player with great stats  but I wouldn't say he's idealized. Just a proper boy who can be badass at times. The same goes with Asuna. That's a type of character who can be called 'a strong female lead'. Above all she's very individual and with that she don't steal  screen time from Kirito. Simultaneously she can't be classify to a specific type of character. I understand the fascination of fans here though Asuna haven't got into my favourites. As for my personal ranking it's: Sachi>Asuna>Suguha>Silica>Lizbeth>Yui. Kirito and Asuna showed how to be an individual character no matter if they're together or not. They were good from the beginning when they got separated, they were good in the beginning of their romance. And then they got married. It couldn't be anything more boring just to watch this couple, who at this time was named Mary Sue and Gary Stu. When the daughter joined, you could melt into the bitter sweetness. I don't say SAO can't get any slice of life vibe, I really like it in previous stories but Kirito x Asuna were just boring. I felt happy when I heard we will get an official couple in anime... but it was boring. It turn out to be worse in ALO.

Asuna: ''' ... and then he lifted my skirt, that pervert''' Klein: ''I've done nothing like that'' Kirito: ''At least the sandwiches are safe'' 

That's all about SAO which I grade good. Here goes ALO. Someone wrote that author wanted to end the story after SAO but the series became popular and he continued. Someone else in a joke said that after SAO the author begun to write a fanfic about it. And I felt exactly that way, like I was watching an adaptation of a fanfic. These people who read light novel and don't have obsession with it, complained. I didn't want to believe, I wanted to see for myself. But it was true. In the beginning I got shot by two stupid subplots. Loving imouto... Seriously!? I don't have anything to incest in anime, I even like it, but this? Here? In my SAO? What for? And from this moment it turned out to be just another anime about imouto. Second subplot- mister Nobuyuki aka king Oberon. Just no. This guy were suppose to marry unconscious Asuna and got a genius evil plan to take over the mind of players and the world? Above that he's piercingly evil that he couldn't be simply more evil. ''Look I'm evil muahahaha. Do not like me.'' I couldn't predicted this amount of pathos. But alright maybe it will be at least interesting, the game can be good. I don't have anything to gameplay and the idea but it was done very badly. I couldn't feel this rivalry between races and any individual characteristics from each type. I know this was cut off but I didn't fell that way in SAO. It even could be at least good unless Kirito wouldn't wander without a trace with Lyfa and bribe everyone around them instead searching for Asuna. When in one moment he actually remembers why he's there and yields ''I need to find Asuna ASAP''. Then he goes berserk and thinks he can clear the game this way. But I can confess, Sugu got fucking great legs. I laughed that Suguha got more fanservice then Asuna. And Recon... who is Recon?

Not sure if it's a rape face or he's just insane. 

Maybe something nice, or not, it's not nice actually. Few worlds about the fandom. SAO was very popular until the anime appeared and you could prepare for a very large group of fans. I'm not familiar with fandoms, I haven't penetrated any very much. But this time it couldn't be avoided. I really got irritated. I think the fans can't hold back from spoiling. In that way my pleasure of watching this anime was ruined because that were some minor spoilers. I knew about the end of SAO in sixth episode. I didn't even have a chance to hide from it because the spoilers were everywhere. Second matter- the fans don't want to hear anything and protect their title even in most dump reasons. To the sentence ''read the manga, it's better'' I react with indifference but when you hear about sixty times ''read the light novel, it was explained there'' you just throw something on your screen. No, I won't read it now, I'm just judging the damn anime! There was war obviously and I don't know which one of them were more irritating- the fans or anti-fans. The anti-fans hang everything. The fans reacted to even dumpiest quarrels and from that we got essays about 'if Asuna is actually a tsundere' or 'if SAO is actually a harem'.

Regardless, I think we will hear about SAO cause it is quite popular. If the next season appears I will defiantly watch it even if author decided to made this a pure harem. SAO supposed to be in my favourites list, but it won't be there, I don't know my final mark on this one yet.

Theeeeseee leeegsss... I mean, Sugu, don't die!
''And then they proclaimed me as the best anime villain ever.''


  1. I think the first half (SAO) was at least somewhat satisfying, but it was ruined beyond measure when ALO starts. I never thought of it this way, but now that when you mentioned it, the second half was as if it's a bad adaption from some random fanfics.

    1. There's a lot of people who didn't like ALO arc, my opinion about the difference between them is quite extreme